Together towards a sustainable future

Why Elfa

Sustainable design

For over 70 years, Elfa has provided storage solutions created to fit people's individual needs throughout life. The timeless and ingenious Elfa system can today be found in homes, offices, studios and retail areas all over the world. Every year millions of products are shipped from our factory in Västervik, Sweden.

With Elfa's products, you get more than just a shelf or a drawer. You get durable products and smart storage solutions. No project is too big or too small. 
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The total cost is what counts

Optimizing all aspects of your project can save large sums in the end. Not only does an efficient use of the space give results, but the short assembly time is also where you will notice the biggest difference.

Why Elfa
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Optimizing storage in your project

The earlier in the project you think about storage, the better for your profitability. With Elfa, it is possible to maximize storage in small area and save important square and cubic metres. There is also a lot of time and money to be saved by optimizing all parts of the project, from layout to delivery and assembly.

Smart storage

"In the average Swedish property, the square meters used for household’s storage is worth almost EUR 35 000"*

* Elfa Storage Report 2021

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Elfa offers smart storage for the entire home. Our products can be used for clothing, kitchen, laundry, garage & storage, and home office. And with Elfa it is possible to optimize the layout with custom-made solutions where standard measurements are not an option. 

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Elfa's products are equally suitable in commercial projects. Whether you need great storage in the office, the classroom, kindergarten, hallway, or in a creative studio, Elfa can help you with this. The long lasting quality and high weight capacity makes Elfa ideal in commercial areas.

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The flexibility of Elfa's systems make it a perfect match for any retail area. Use wall-hung storage in combination with freestanding units. Easily rearrange shelves, drawers, and closet rods. Each section, the area between two hang standards or wallbands, is designed to hold up to 200 kg load.


Storage for every project

Elfa has several storage systems, for wall, door, and floor. The click-in system has two options: Top hang, where everything hangs on the top track which is the only component screwed to the wall, or freestanding, a floor-based system. Another option is the classic wall mounted "Sparring" shelving system based on wallbands screwed to the wall. The drawer system is a flexible and mobile floor-based system built on frames, crossbars and drawers.

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Sustainability for the future

For a sustainable approach, a storage solution must last a long time and at the same time be able to hold a heavy weight. It is also important to choose products with high flexibility, so that your storage solution can be rearranged when needs change. Elfa's products fufill all this. Further, we have taken it up on ourselves to make a positive impact on people, society, and our planet.

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Reference studies

Elfa's products can be found in homes, offices, studios, retail areas and schools all over the world. In any area where you see the value of good storage solutions.

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